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Anti-bootleg resources for anime, manga, and related goods

(Updated 28 February 2016)

Here's my list of anti-bootleg resources:

General guides:

  • The Pirate Anime FAQ: A Guide To Unlicensed Anime and Manga Related Goods—Otaku News
  • Bootlegs—
  • Bootleg FAQ— (via the Wayback Machine)
  • Anime Corner Frequently Asked Questions: "5. Are the products on the Anime Corner Store site bootlegs or the real thing?"—Robert's Anime Corner Store bootleg mini-FAQ (especially useful for CDs)
  • Bootleg FAQs—Australian Anime Shopping Guide (via the Wayback Machine)

    On CDs:

  • Chudah's Corner - Reference: Bootleg {CD} Info (via the Wayback Machine)
  • ANIMEfringe Cover Story: "Made in Taiwan: Son May CDs versus Original Japanese CDs" (via the Wayback Machine)

    On plushies:

  • Buying Authentic Japanese UFO Catcher Plush on eBay—an eBay buying guide
  • Bootleg Plush Toys Gallery Update May 14—UFO BBS4 (via the Wayback Machine)

    On action figures:

  • Guide to Anime PVC figures on Ebay—An eBay UK blog (via the Wayback Machine)
  • "Anatomy of a Bootleg 101"—[Zero-Type] Forums thread
  • Counterfeit & Bootleg Anime Figures: How to Tell Fakes From the Genuine Licensed Products—Nuts for Anime Figures (via the Wayback Machine)


  • Anime Fans Against Bootlegs—Facebook
  • Knockoffs & Bootlegs—a photo blog on the topic
  • Spotting Bootlegs—A long Anime News Network thread

    Information (on what has been licensed):

  • U.S. Anime Release Dates / Unreleased License / Forum Resource Links Thread, The Fandom Post
  • Anime License List (1997–2011)— on DVD (via the Wayback Machine)
  • Ledoux, Trish, and Doug Ranney. Fred Patten, ed. (1997). The Complete Anime Guide: Japanese Animation Film Directory & Resource Guide, 2nd Edition. Issaquah, Wash: Tiger Mountain Press. ISBN 9780964954250. WorldCat. Chapter Three "Video Directory" lists all anime home video titles available in America 1 January 2005 through 1 January 2007.
  • AnimeMania—Anime and Manga Commercially Available In English [in North America] (through November 2006)
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