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  • Introduction to Anime Resources (ver. 1.3.4a) (download (MediaFire / DepositFiles / RapidShare)


  • Introduction to Anime Resources (ver. 1.3.6 browse v.1.3.1; Microsoft Word, 80 KB); download (MediaFire) last updated 30 January 2019.

  • Catalog Check Update and Supplement—a list of anime which was released in North America on VHS and whether it has been re-released on Laserdisc and/or DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc; last updated 9 March 2011.

  • Japanese Pronunciation Guide

  • Reverse image search for anime and manga—how to identify the source of that image you got from some site three years ago; last updated 14 January 2014.

  • "Shelf Life Catalog v.2"—an Anime News Network thread listing all of the anime reviewed by the Shelf Life column since December 2002; last updated 12 May 2015.

  • Anime retailer catalogs (collection of links for downloads; Bandai fliers, CPM/A18, Encyclopedia of Video Cassettes, TRSI/RS, The Whole Toon Catalog)

  • Bibliographies (extensive list of print resources, including an annual bibliography) at the Anime and Manga Studies blog. However, it needs a consolidated list and to be sortable.


    Hentai genre & fetish database (last updated 11 January 2012)

  • The List of Lists—all current lists: EditGrid / Google Docs
  • Old versions of the database:
    Once you've chosen the link you want, scroll through the file's tabs using the arrows in the lower left, and click the tabs to access the individual lists.

    If you downloaded: for more help navigating Excel spreadsheets see Teaching Effectively from a Live Spreadsheet (starting at "Commands for moving around quickly") and Worksheet Navigation in Excel.

    The database got me named "Hey, Answerman!" Flake of the Week, on May 15th, 2010 (original column, February 27th, 2009).


  • Yuribou Hentai Dictionary Version 3.0—a complete update on and expansion of the classic; last updated 13 August 2012.

  • Introduction to Erotic Anime Resources (ver. 1.0.9) (download (MediaFire / DepositFiles); Microsoft Word (99 KB)); last updated 15 January 2015.

  • "Anime & Manga Character Archetypes"—Clements' and McCarthy's theory of the basic six female and six male types expounded; updated 11 August 2014.

  • KenSan's Bishoujo Ero OAV DB (1984–March 2000)—a fairly complete list of hentai anime releases, starting from the very beginning (download; Microsoft Excel (190 KB)).

  • "Edited & censored hentai releases?"—an AnimeNation thread—an attempt to compile information on what hentai anime has been released in North America in an incomplete form. A work in progress; last updated 21 February 2013.

  • Incomplete hentai series/Incomplete R1 releases database (browse: EditGrid / Google Docs); last updated 19 August 2015.

  • "What hentai anime and manga were released in 2010 for the US market?"
  • "What hentai anime and manga were released in 2011 for the US market?"
  • "What hentai anime and manga were released in 2012 for the US market?"

  • Kitty Media (and other punning) titles list—an AnimeNation thread; last updated 10 August 2013.

  • [Anime & manga] "Characters who sleep in the nude?"—a Anime/Manga thread; last updated 21 February 2012 (was: 11 January 2013).

  • "Please recommend extreme hentai"—an AnimeNation thread

  • "Cream Lemon episode titles"—an AnimeNation post

  • glossary of hentai game–related Japanese fetish terms (download (MediaFire / DepositFiles / RapidShare); Microsoft Excel (48 KB))

  • [NSFW] Obtain/Obtain Future releases by Adult Source Media (archive: "Adult Source Media's Obtain Future titles (NSFW)")—the curious case of some of the lowest budget hentai ever (a thread on The Fandom Post (General Anime Discussions forum))
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